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Smoothie bowl and Salad Bowl – What Are They and Where to Find Them

What is a bowl?
There is nothing special about the bowl. However, there is a slight difference in usage: in Slavic countries a bowl is used to serve soup or a small portion of salad. In Western countries, however, bowl is universal: you can use it to eat breakfast, salad, lunch, dinner, smoothie – literally everything.

Who made it?
A salad bowl is thought to be an Eastern trend of healthy eating, called “Buddha’s bowl”. There is a legend that Buddha had the food the passers-by gave to him from a small bowl, usually after a meditation. Since mostly poor people shared food with him, Buddha’s bowl was filled with rice, curry and beans. This is the essence of “Buddha’s bowl” diet: the food should be simple and divided into small portions.

Why are smoothie bowl and salad bowls so popular?
Bowls became fashionable about 5 years ago, in Russia this fashion appeared only nowadays. Bowls are quite popular among people following a healthy diet. A bowl consists of some porridge, vegetables and plant proteins. Such a set of products is suggested to eat at once. The most frequent components of a bowl are grains (rice, barley, millet, corn or quinoa), proteins (for example, beans, tofu or chickpea), as well as vegetables, both boiled and raw.

Advantages of Bowls
The small number of ingredients is the main condition for a good bowl. Nutritionists claim it can bring good health and beautiful figure. “Buddha’s bowl” can be a snack as well as a main course. Cooking bowls is a great idea for healthy food lovers. It takes very little time, looks yummy and brings significant benefits to your body!

The first vegan sushi, as well as the first salad-bowl and smoothie-bowl delivery in Russia

How it all started…
My name is Vlad, and I’m the author and the facilitator of Healthy Conscience project – it’s a vegan café and delivery in Saint Petersburg. Our main goal is to persuade people that vegan and raw food can be tasty and useful. Our story started several years ago, with just 5000 roubles. We invented and treated our friends with our unique product: the first vegan sushi, which is our most popular dish till nowadays. They are loved not only by vegans and vegetarians – among our clients there are a lot f people who couldn’t believe in delicious green food… until they tried ours! However, we didn’t stop and now we give our customers the opportunity to enjoy raw cakes, various raw and vegan desserts, detox-drinks; as well as this, we have elaborated a special week menu with salads and smoothie bowls – with everyday delivery, of course!

What are we aiming for?
Recently we have made a level-up – we’ve opened a café! The fulfillment of this idea has immediately shown to us that we’re moving in the right direction! Such a cool start and rapid development are very important for Healthy Conscience, since it’s a small, but a cozy, warm and delicious place, getting positive feedback: a huge number of compliments and commentaries from the first visitors! Nowadays healthy eating in Russia is becoming more and more common: more and more people are getting interested in transferring to the green alternatives of usual food products, and searching for healthy recipes. We are glad to be a part of Healthy Conscience and healthy lifestyle!

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