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Detox program - from the chef of a veteran cafe in St. Petersburg

What is Detox?
Nowadays, detox programme is one of the most wide-spread ways to purify the body. But not everyone knows that the essence of detox is not about losing weight or bright-coloured smoothies.

The purpose of this diet is to eliminate the negative impact that goes from the environment, such as industrial chemicals, nutritional supplements, different kinds of pollution and high-density metals.

Detox is one of the best ways to stay healthy, as it strengthens your nails and hair and protects the body from allergic reactions. One of the most fundamental advantages of detox is the purifying of liver, kidneys and blood – that is what a regular diet isn’t able to do.

How do we get ready?
Several days before the detox programme you should start cutting down on sugar, alcohol, dairy products and meat. It is essential that you consult a specialist before starting a detox programme – it has some counter-indications, especially for people with digestive tract diseases.

When is it necessary to purify the body?
When you feel apathetic and exhausted, your skin is sore and your eyes are swelling, you often get ill and you’re always stressed – it’s high time to take care of your health!

What gives you an advantage?
While going through detox it is important to do physical exercise. It’s perfect if you can do it 1 hour per day, but even a 15-minute walk will give your body strength and energy. Yoga, dance, fitness, pole walking – choose whatever you like.

Healthy Conscience is proud to present
One of the outstanding products of the vegan café “Healthy Conscience” is a detox programme including smoothies and juices, which can help you to get healthy and fit. Listen to your body at every stage of the programme, trust your sensations and remember your main goal – health, harmony and happiness.

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