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Vegan food delivery

We deliver raw and vegan food to any place in Saint Petersburg!

How to order delivery
You can order food delivery on our website, in VK, Instagram or with a phone: +7(812) 603-75-37 The orders are taken this evening for the next morning/afternoon/evening, or this morning – for this evening. If your order is cheaper than 1500 RUR, the delivery price is 350 RUR, and if it’s more than 1500 RUR – the delivery price is 100 RUR. It’s quite likely that you want to get your delivery as soon as possible: than we have another option – a taxi delivery. You pay for the taxi, and we give your order to the driver. This way of delivery is considered to be the fastest. If you live outside Saint Petersburg, you can order food delivery to the closest underground station.

Vegetarian menu for 7 days
If you’re a busy person and you want to be sure of healthy, balanced diet for your family – we created the 7-day menu for you. Depending on the number of days you’ve chosen, the chef can combine the dishes in such a way that you will be completely satisfied with your delicious diet. Hot dishes, desserts, soups, salads and smoothies are delivered to you every day from 10.00 to 12.00. If you need to postpone the delivery time, you can do it while ordering the menu on our website or on the phone. Daily delivery isn’t included in the price: 1 day delivery costs 100 RUR.

Detox programme
Having a busy and hectic life in a big city, we can find it difficult to help our body recharge the batteries. We do a lot of chores, solve the tasks and achieve the goals which give us a thrive. But sometimes we want to stay on a tropical island, to enjoy the sun, fresh fruit, peace and quiet, just for several days. We give you the opportunity to experience it here, in Saint Petersburg! We make detox drinks from fresh, juicy vegetables, and deliver them to you the same day. Detox programmes are designed in a special way so that you could give rest to your digestive system, purify your body from various toxins and fill it with energy. You will feel full, calm and incredibly light!
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