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Detox Drinks – Delivery

Purify the body
Energy of vitamins
Slim body up to 3 kilos in 3 days
Water balance improvement
Juice detox is a special diet for purifying the body from different kinds of toxins. It helps you not just to lose a couple of kilos, but to get rid of allergy and help your digestion system. Thus, detox programme will improve your well-being and looks: the swelling and undereye circles will disappear, and your skin tone will become more even. If fasting sounds too radical to you, and drinking decoctions for 1-2-3 days is difficult, juices will make you forget about the food. You will enjoy the fresh taste of fruit and vegetables without any hunger!
Detox Super+
Detox Classic
Detox Sport

Detox Super+

Total caloric content – 803 kcal
bottle weight – 300 ml

Detox Classic

Total caloric content – 1252 kcal
Bottle weight – 300 ml

Detox Sport

Total caloric content – 2468 kcal
Bottle weight – 300 ml
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